SLOimage - a breath-taking new visual medium platform.

What is it?

As an extension of her work as a film-maker, Martha Fiennes pioneers anew digital media platform - SLOimage. With the use of cutting edge technology, SLOimage breaks fundamental new ground and opens the way to establishing an original and thrilling new form of visual media. Here is imagery that can for the first time self-generate, change and evolve indefinitely and continually over time.

What does it do?

SLOimage constitutes a breakthrough form of visual experience, extending the limits of classically exhibited imagery such as photography or painting.
  • Here, HD flat-screen or projected image in effect replace the 'canvas'.
  • With a SLOimage, the pictorial content of an image has the ability to change - to evolve and 'grow' unpredictably over time.
  • A SLOimage can be displayed in whatever chosen size - expansive or intimate, large or small.
  • The content of a SLOimage may be graphic, photo-realistic, representational or abstract.
  • Imagery and changes are as limitless as the imagination.
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is a source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is a good as dead: his eyes are closed." - Albert Einstein
SLOimage establishes its distinct place amongst highly established forms of imagery, yet offers unique unique break-out possibilities through established technology at a thrillingly contemporary level.
  • SLOimage is unlike TV or films in the sense that its content is not pre-ordained or fixed.
  • It is also unlike film or TV in that the changes occur within the picture itself, not through the editing of sequential images.
  • A SLOimage does not demand constant attention in order to be understood and appreciated, nor does it function with the need for audio. In this respect, it shares the powerful appeal of a photograph or a painting.
  • With a SLOimage, the content may be contemplated and enjoyed whenever the viewer chooses. The image may grow and change over time; if you stop to revisit it you may see that elements have changed, but you will not have failed to understand it by your absence. It is always there for you - at whatever time you choose to enjoy it.
  • SLOimage sits tantalisingly on the spectrum between the still frame at one end and the traditional 'moving image' at the other.
How does the image change?
  • With SLOimage there is no beginning, middle or end. Instead, changes are free, unprescribed, unpredictable and continuously evolving. We might say that this constitutes 'intelligent imagery'. Changes are not pre-programmed, nor are they necessarily regular. The image may be still-ish for some time, before surprising/delighting with the next change.
  • A SLOimage is designed to implement its own self-generated changes. The mechanism by which change is triggered is dependent on the choices and design for each particular SLOimage. The intrinsic technology utilizes specific combinations of various proprietory processes.
  • The concept is designed for changes to be 'random' and never pre-fixed. Unlike conventionally edited movies, if two identical SLOimage pieces were put side by side, both would change differently.
  • A SLOimage may be designed and commissioned on a unique, bespoke basis.
  • A SLOimage may well return to a state that it has occupied previously though it is never possible to know or predict when, or at what intervals this may occur.
It is possible to construct any kind of image. The creative possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

Fashion Advertising SLOimage Sampler
The sampler gives a taster of the SLOimage possibilities for fashion brands in advertising and display. Is the girl 'still' as in a photograph? Or is she... moving? As we watch we become mesmerised by the expectation of her next action. In this way she becomes strangely compelling with the air of being somehow 'alive'.
The SLOimage team intends to target broad commercial applications for the concept with works to be presented on large HD flat-screens, projections etc., within upscale retail environments such as window displays, stores, showrooms etc. A similar application is also intended for high end hotel environments, airports, malls and across international markets.

Shanghai Tang Tiger SLOimage
The Shanghai Tang Tiger was commissioned for luxury fashion retail brand Shanghai Tang for display in its London store for the launch of the Chinese New Year. The piece demonstrates a very simple representation of the full SLOimage potential. At first glance the tiger appears still. Hold your gaze a while longer and you may notice the tiger is breathing. Against this, the background slowly begins to change. Later, when you revisit the image, you may see that the tiger has fallen asleep. Other things happen too... if you stay.

Room SLOimage Sampler
The simple short 'sketch' sample of a room interior demonstrates a different intention for the concept - more of the feel of a painting. Here the changes of weather and lighting conditions give the picture the added dimension of time. Again, there is the sense of expectation as it unfolds and the feeling of an other-worldliness.

"No object is mysterious. The mystery is in your eye." - Elizabeth Bowen