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Martha Fiennes' pioneering moving-image artwork NATIVITY.

NATIVITY, Covent Garden Piazza
NATIVITY - excerpt image from the artwork.

Fiennes, award-winning movie and commercials director, has conceived and developed a unique new digital image technology - SLOimage™

This ground-breaking new moving-image platform has been developed in collaboration with top commercials producer Peter Muggleston and leading post production facility house MPC, to create a system which enables imagery to 'come alive'.

NATIVITY, created by Martha Fiennes during 2011, is the first SLOimage™ piece to be realised.

The large-scale moving-image interpretation of the Christ NATIVITY was inspired by the great canon of Renaissance painting on this subject matter. In partnership with Covent Garden London, NATIVITY made its world debut in the Covent Garden piazza and was opened to the public from 10 November 2011 to 2 January 2012.

The Inspiration

Fiennes wanted to explore a medium that had the contemplative feel of more traditional fine art forms such as painting and photography but that also transcended some of the definitions of those forms. Fiennes felt that there were simultaneously creative limitations in the moving image world generally imposed by commercial pressures and the use of traditional systems of process, content and distribution.

Using her experience as a film-maker, Fiennes began to devise an idea which challenged the conventions of moving image editing in which images and sequences are 'fixed' indefinitely.

With a SLOimage™ there is no beginning, middle or end. Instead there is an image which transforms itself continually. The effect is mesmeric and captivating.

The SLOimage™ software technology enables the image to generate changes to itself both randomly and perpetually. All changes are unknown to both makers and viewers as the piece transforms slowly through a vast range of alternative pictorial content or 'manifestation'. In this way the piece could be said to possess its own intriguing level of consciousness. The element of chance as to what the picture may be showing at any one time can be compelling and mesmeric and generate meaning in new and unexpected ways.

Artist and director of NATIVITY, Martha Fiennes said:
"It is enormously gratifying to come to the first culmination point of the exciting and collaborative work which incorporates extraordinary expertise from maths and high-end bespoke software coding through to the principles of Renaissance painting and esoteric inspiration."

"It has been one of our most creative, technological, logistical and exciting challenges for MPC to provide the means for Martha Fiennes to create and produce her art piece NATIVITY" said Mark Benson, CEO of MPC.

"Working in partnership with Martha Fiennes and producer Peter Muggleston and with the company, SLOimage, has enabled us to push our interactive installation code writing to another level, and I am enormously proud of the MPC teams work and results that I believe has enabled us to deliver Martha's wonderfully imaginative, inspirational and creative expectation."

The SLOimage™ software is entirely bespoke and was developed from the 'ground up' through a close collaboration between leading, London-based post-production company MPC (Moving Picture Company) and specialist, basement software company Existential Ltd.

SLOimage establishes its place amongst highly established forms of imagery, yet offers unique break-out possibilities through combined technologies at a thrillingly contemporary level.

The concept of SLOimage advances and invigorates the moving image practice, bringing it firmly into the 21st century.

SLOimage represents exciting digital media possibilities across a range of markets and sectors.

As with all media and art practice, the potential is as powerful as the vision and ambition allow.

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