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BBC Radio 4
21 December 2011
Lively and diverse conversation. Libby Purves is joined by Alistair Sutcliffe, Martha Fiennes, Celia Imrie and Amanda Vickery.
12 December 2011
Ultra modern Nativity
The Guardian
03 December 2011
The famous Fiennes
The Telegraph
23 November 2011
Jesus, Mary and Martha Fiennes - a moving Christmas story like no other
Financial Times
14 November 2011
Nativity for the modern metropolis
Evening Standard
11 November 2011
High-tech Nativity for Covent Garden
Time Out
10 November 2011
Covent Garden unveils groundbreaking digital art while celebrating 'The Nativity' this Christmas


Quotes & Comments

Libby Purves, celebrated host of BBC Radio 4's 'Midweek' show talks to Martha Fiennes about NATIVITY

Transcription from Radio show 'Midweek' (December 2011) Libby Purves: "Yesterday I went into a sort of wooden wigwam in Covent Garden market in London and watched for maybe an hour the most technologically advanced and complex picture of the Nativity ever attempted. Martha Fiennes, of course a film Director created it. It is described as a self generated random perpetual image uniting mathematical expertise and high end software coding with the principles of Renaissance painting, and is strangely relaxing considering"

It is contemplative.

I'm going to attempt to describe what its like for an audience; - it's very dark in there and what you have in front of you, you think at first it either a photo or a film, a very, very slow motion film. But the figures in it move or stay still, and they come and go and the background changes without you noticing it's changing and suddenly there are candles burning or stars - or they are in a cathedral, no they are in a ruin, no they are in a derelict petrol station.The scenes change, the light changes - all very slowly but what I gather is that nobody will see what I saw yesterday, they can't because it's all actually random.

"People have come to expect the unexpected in Covent Garden and Martha Fiennes' SLOimage Nativity was an important cultural center-piece of our Christmas campaign this year. Its hypnotic, self-generating image captivated over 80,000 people and it inspired almost 250 pieces of PR as well a huge amount of buzz in the neighbourhood during the festive period.We were proud to have showcased this new technology in Covent Garden."

- Beverley Churchill, Marketing and Communications Director, Capital & Counties Properties PLC 15 Grosvenor Street, London W1K 4QZ Telephone 020 3214 9150



Martha Fiennes

Executive Produce
Peter Muggleston

Presented by
IZM Productions

Production Company

In partnership with MPC
Mark Benson, MD

Assistant to Artist and Executive Producer
Tamsin Wright

Creative Coding

Lead Programmer
Adam Cubitt, Existential Ltd.

Head Of Digital
Chris Barry, MPC

Digital Producer
Alenka Abraham, Existential Ltd.

MPC Post-Production

Post-Production Producer
Leianna Campbell

VFX Team
Bill McNamara
Richard Mckeand
Mark Stannard
Yourick Van Impe
Charlotte Tyson
Saber Jlassi
Chris Petts
Maurizio de Angelis
Nimesh Patel
Alex Harding
Kelly Bruce
Leanne Goymer

Concept Creation
Virginie Bourding
Sean Samuels

Avid Editor
Zoe Izzard

Projection Advisor
Paul Roberts, MPC
Craig Westwood, MD, Event Projection

Music and Audio Architecture

Composed by Magnus Fiennes

Featuring vocal collaborations with
Sussan Deyhim and Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir

Martin Tillman


George Tiffin

George Arton

Unit Producer
Mark Gibbons

Phantom Engineer
Tony Allen

Phantom Technician
Gavin Free

1st Assistant Director
Dan Precious

2nd Assistant Director
John Joe O'Driscoll

Video Playback Operator
Andrew Spindle

Dan Fontaine

Alastair Bury
Brett Parnham
Ricky Payne
Fred Todd
John Walker
Jason Wells

Drago Stinov
Peter Glover

Archangel Gabriel
Alessandro de Marco

David Seymour

Gerald Blazevic
Delroy Brown
Sebastian Canciglia

Mary Magdalene
Sigalit Hart

Tonia Sotiropoulou

Jason Croot
Nicholas Gauci

Irina Izmestieva

Angel Children
Arina Izmestieva
Alexandra Izmestieva

Infant Jesus
Alfred Pouncett

Casting by
Beverley Keogh Casting Ltd.

Pop-up Gallery Design for Covent Garden Piazza

Ben Bigland
Andy Cobb
James Stanley


Pop-Up Gallery

SLOimage collaborated with designers, Sculptivate on a unique bespoke pop-up gallery structure to house the projected installation work, Nativity for the world premiere in Covent Garden Piazza.

Nativity is currently on display in Covent Garden to the public until 2 January 2012.

The main structure is fabricated from 'engineered timber' cassette panels which are strong enough to allow long spans with little support. The floor is made up of only four sections and the roof only six. Each set of two roof panels is paired and hinged together at the apex allowing them to be craned directly into position ease. The main structure was erected in one night by only three crew and a crane op. PLEASE NOTE - FOR SALE

For any interested parties -
The pop-up gallery structure is available to rent or purchase from SLOimage™ upon the closure of the installation in January 2012.

For further information, please contact:



Martha Fiennes

Martha Fiennes is a visionary and award-winning director working across the field of moving image to produce feature films, commercials and digital film artworks.

Fiennes' directing debut feature, the sumptuous Russian period piece, Onegin (1999), starring Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler - won 'Best Director' at the Tokyo Film Festival, a BAFTA nomination for Best British Film and the London Critics Circle Award for Best Newcomer.

Fiennes' second feature, the highly original Chromophobia (2005), was applauded for its powerfully contemporary style, 'icy and superb script' and dazzling visual language. Chromophobia - both written and directed by Fiennes - closed the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.

Fiennes has worked with an acclaimed range of high profile actors and performers including Penelope Cruz, Kristen Scott Thomas, Ian Holm, Rhys Ifans, Harriet Walter and artists such as Al Green, Boy George, Linda Evangelista, Jerry Hall,Beyonce and Dita Von Teese.

For more information on Martha Fiennes' work, please go to

Peter Muggleston

Peter Muggleston is an award winning director and producer with a wealth of experience at making television commercials, cinema trailers, corporate videos, sponsorship campaigns and digital domain projects in both this country and abroad, working across a whole range of FMCG brands.

Muggleston has worked for both production companies and advertising agencies. He was a founding member of the UK's top contemporary animation studio Blink, and then invited to work at one of the UK's seminal advertising agencies, HHCL & Partners which was voted Agency of the Millennium by Campaign magazine.